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You dream it. We build it.

Change the World


We build cool stuff.

You Dream It. We Build It.

We're a group of engineers, developers and designers creating cool stuff at the intersection of art and science. We play with technology in IoT, medical, drones, and data domains, but we're fueled by a passion to make life better through smart technologies. If you're crazy enough to believe you can change the world, you've found the people crazy enough to help.

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Ultimately SlickLabs is an IoT company. This means we do the following:

Prototype Systems

Your vision will change the world, but first... it needs a prototype!
Build a Prototype!

Electronic Systems

We build custom electronics that sense, collect and store data
Custom Electronics!

Data Systems

Use Big Data and AI techniques to make data make sense!
Data Driven Decisions!

Cyber systems

Your data and info is important. We can help you secure it.
Protect Your Data!


Robert Slater

Chief Ideasmith
M. Engr Innovation and Entrepreneurship, ninjaneer and generator of SLICK ideas

David Chick

Electron Commander
M.S. E.E. specializing in design and build for custom analog and digital electronics

Jack Harris

Coder in Chief
PhD in computer science specializing in A.I., data analytics and supercomputing apps



Cutting Edge Information Technology Consulting


Designers and Engineers turning ideas into beautiful products

Mile Two

Tools built the way you work... not the way programmers work

Purpose Brand1ng

Build your brand around your company's purpose

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